ESSD 2021 Programme

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Day 1 - Thursday, 30 September 2021

10:00  ‑  10:30 CET

Opening of the conference and general information

President ESSD Dirk J. Korf (University of Amsterdam) 

Conference Organisers ESSD 2021 Alfred Uhl (Sigmund Freud Private University, Austrian Public Health Institute) & Meropi Tzanetakis (University of Vienna, University of Innsbruck)
10:30 ‑ 11:30 CET

Session 1: Dynamic drug markets


Chair: Tom Decorte (Ghent University)

The role of Internet and mobile phone in cannabis and stimulants transactions: A survey among users from seven European countries  Kostas Skliamis (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
A trendspotter study of drug supply and associated violence and exploitation of vulnerable groups in Denmark Thomas Friis Søgaard (Aarhus University, Denmark), Marie H. Bræmer,  Michael M. Pedersen
‘Cuckooing’ as a variable and evolving form of exploitation in street level drug markets Leah Moyle (Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom), Jack Spicer, Ross Coomber
11:30 ‑ 12:00 CET Coffee break
12:00 ‑ 13:00 CET

Session 2: Drug policy impacts

Chair: Leah Moyle (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  Building cultures of participation: involving young people in contact with the criminal justice system in the development of drug interventions in the UK, Denmark, Italy, and Poland Karen Duke (Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom), Helen Gleeson, Katarzyna Dabrowska, Maria Dich Herold, Sara Rolando, Betsy Thom
  Neutralizing health issues: an ethnographic analysis of medical services on a Russian cryptomarket Anastasia Meylakhs (HSE University, Russia), Saidashev Ramil
  From ‘Down with this sort of thing’ to petrol bombs: How the 2010 head shop moral panic influenced the world’s first blanket ban on new psychoactive substances James Windle (University College Cork, Ireland), Paul Murphy
13:00 ‑ 14:00 CET Lunch break
14:00 ‑ 15:20 CET

Session 3: Cognitions about drug users and addicts

Chair: Dirk Korf (University of Amsterdam)
  Drug abusing family characteristics in terms of internal and external shame, guilt and stigmatization Nadja Springer (Verein Dialog, Austria)
  Integrating self-regulation theories with the life-course perspective to study patterns in the use of khatAmanti Baru Olani (Ghent University, Belgium)
Challenging the structures of expertise on drugs: The rise of NPS, scientific uncertainty, and the increasing value of user knowledgeLuca Elisa Lindner (University of Vienna, Austria)
Models of recovery: influence of psychosocial factors on substance use Antonio Molina Fernández (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain) Jesús Saiz Galdós, María Luisa Cuenca Montesino, Francisco Gil Rodríguez
15:20 ‑ 15:50 CET Coffee break
15:50 ‑ 16:50 CET

Session 4: Cannabis: Innovative approaches

Chair: Bernd Werse (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  Digital prevention in different cultural contexts - the case of DAPY project in Turkey and Poland Michał Wanke (University of Opole, Poland), Ruken Macit

A typology of frequent cannabis users in Spain. A latent class analysis

Arturo Alvarez-Roldan, (University of Granada, Granada, Spain), Teresa García-Muñoz, Juan F. Gamella, Iván Parra, Maria J. Duaso
  Country, city and cannabis: Riga resident cannabis use settings in Latvia Kristiana Diana Bebre (University of Latvia, Latvia)
16:50 CET End of day

Day 2 - Friday, 1 October 2021

10:00 ‑ 11:00 CET

Session 5: Use of performance enhancing drugs

Chair: Meropi Tzanetakis (University of Vienna)

The politics of imagining and building a world for legal psychedelic drug use in Europe and the United States Claudia Schwarz-Plaschg (University of Vienna, Austria)
Identifying best-practice amongst health professionals who work with people using image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs) through participatory action research Martin Chandler (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom), Katinka van de Ven, Ian Boardley
Chemsex – how far can too far go Alfred Springer, Medical University of Vienna
11:00 ‑ 11:30 CET Coffee break
11:30 ‑ 12:30 CET

Session 6: Theoretical approaches to drugs

Chair: Karen Duke (Middlesex University)
  The earnings model for illegal drugs and the prescient view of the Hulsman Commission Peter Cohen (retired from University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  Theorizing intersectionally with material gerontology and critical drug studies Aysel Sultan (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences & Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)
  It is logically impossible to count the number of indirect deaths Alfred Uhl (Austrian Public Health Institute & Sigmund Freud Private University, Austria)
12:30 ‑ 13:30 CET Lunch break
13:30 ‑ 14:50 CET

Session 7: Challenges for knowledge about drugs

Chair: Gary Potter (Lancaster University)
  Youth perceptions on non-medical use of psychoactive medications Frédérique Bawin (Ghent University, Belgium), Julie Tieberghien, Ellen Vandenbogaerde, Mafalda Pardal,  Kevin Emplit, Christine Guillain

Ethnographic drugs research – Ethical and moral challenges of participatory observational research on security at music festivals

Jessica Williamson (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
  The prevalence of and associated factors with self-reported naloxone carrying among people who inject drugs (PWID) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland Christiane Spring (University of Bristol, United Kingdom), Sara Croxford, Zoe Ward, Rachel Ayres, Catherine Lord, Adelina Artenie, Peter Vickerman
Handling the challenges of not having a real life: Drug using and selling among unaccompanied refugee minors in Malmö, Sweden Anke Stallwitz (Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg, Germany)
14:50 ‑ 15:20 CET Coffee break
15:20 ‑ 16:20 CET

Session 8: Drugs and COVID-19

Chair: Anke Stallwitz (Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg)
  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on male strength athletes who use non-prescribed anabolic-androgenic steroids Barnaby N. Zoob Carter (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom), Ian D. Boardley, Katinka van de Ven
  Investigating experiences of COVID-19 for individuals in recovery Emma Smith (University of Worcester, United Kingdom), Melody Carter, Elaine Walklet, Paul Hazell
  Update: Cannabis use and corona virus – results of a second short online survey during the second/third wave in Germany Bernd Werse (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany), Gerrit Kamphausen
16:20 ‑ 16:40 CET Closing session